The recruitment team provides personal assistance to prospective and newly admitted CSN students throughout the entire college exploration and enrollment process. In addition to working with local school districts, the team also works with local businesses, community groups and under-served populations to increase access to CSN’s many educational and occupational opportunities.

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Recruitment Offices

West Charleston Campus Recruitment Office 
Building B, Room 123 
Phone: (702) 651-7416 
Fax: (702) 651-7595

North Las Vegas Campus Recruitment Office 
Main Building, Student Services (E-110 booth) 
Phone: (702) 651-4717 
Fax: (702) 651-4507

Henderson Campus Recruitment Office 
Building B, Room 130J 
Phone: (702) 651-3527 
Fax: (702) 651-3124

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CSN Recruitment Policy

CSN treats students ethically, respectfully and professionally in the marketing, recruiting and admissions process so that students can make an informed enrollment decision without being subjected to high-pressure tactics from the institution or a related contractor. The College of Southern Nevada and the Nevada System of Higher Education does not provide a commission, bonus or other incentive payment based in any part, directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollments.

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