Welcome to the Official Bookstore of CSN!

CSN Bookstore Funds FAQ

Bookstore Contact Information
North Las Vegas (2000 section number): 702-651-4645 or North Las Vegas Bookstore Webpage
West Charleston (1000 and 3000 section numbers): 702-651-5606 or West Charleston Bookstore Webpage
Henderson (4000 section number): 702-651-3055 or Henderson Bookstore Webpage

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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Bookstore provides all textbooks and course materials for CSN classes, by working closely with CSN faculty and instructors to obtain book adoption information each semester. We work together to obtain the best and lowest costs for books and maximize the number of used books in our inventory.

In addition to course materials, the Bookstore offers a wide variety of books, clothing, and apparel (hoodies and T-shirts), gifts, school supplies, convenience items, and fan gear to support the Coyotes! Need an extra phone charger, notebook, or your favorite pen? We can help.

The Bookstore also partners with Josten's to provide cap/gown combos and specialty graduation gifts. These are a wonderful options to commemorate your accomplishment!